Whole genome DNA sequencing kits

A wide range of library preparation kits are available to suit all whole genome sequencing requirements. Amplification-free kits allow direct, long-read sequencing of native DNA, eliminating the potential for PCR bias and allowing the detection of base modifications alongside nucleotide sequence. Amplification-based kits are also available, enabling whole genome sequencing from low input amounts or poor quality DNA (e.g. FFPE).

Ligation Sequencing Kit Ligation Sequencing Kit Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit Rapid PCR Barcoding Kit
Preparation time 60 min 10 min 60 min + ON elution 15 min + PCR
Input requirement 1000 ng of gDNA or 100-200 fmol of amplicons or cDNA 100-400 ng HMW gDNA
  • Tissue culture cells: 6 million
  • Blood: 1-2 ml
  • Gram-positive and -negative bacteria: ~2 ml of OD1 culture
1-5 ng gDNA
Fragmentation Optional Transposase based Transposase based Transposase based
Read length Equal to fragment length Random distribution, dependent on input fragment length 50-100+ kb N50 (R9.4.1 flow cells) ~2-5 kb
Typical throughput
Multiplexing options Yes Yes In development This kit offers barcoding for up to twelve samples
Overview Optimised for throughput; retained base modifications; control over read length; compatible with whole genome amplification Simple and rapid; retained base modifications; cold chain-free (Field kit) Optimised for production of ultra-long reads (N50 ≥50 kb); retained base modifications Simple and rapid