Targeted DNA sequencing kits

Long-read nanopore sequencing expands the application of targeted sequencing to include cost-effective, assembly-free analysis of repetitive regions, structural variants, and variant phasing across entire genes or large genomic regions of interest. Through analysis of the entire 16S rRNA gene, the long sequencing reads provided by the 16S Barcoding Kit also provide more accurate taxonomic classification of bacteria and archaea.

Ligation Sequencing Kit Cas9 Sequencing Kit 16S Barcoding Kit
Approach Amplicon Sequence capture CRISPR/Cas9 Amplicon
Preparation time 60 min >24 hours 110 min 10 min + PCR
Input requirement 100-200 fmol amplicon 3.5 µg HMW gDNA 1-10 µg HMW gDNA (5 µg recommended) < 10 ng gDNA
Fragmentation N/A Optional Cas9-dependent cleavage N/A
Read length Equal to fragment length Equal to fragment length post-PCR Equal to fragment length Full-length 16S gene (~1.5kb)
Multiplexing options Yes Yes In development This kit offers barcoding for up to twelve samples
Typical throughput
Multiplexing options Yes No No Yes
Overview Simple, high-throughput workflow for existing amplicons Compatible with sequence capture approaches Streamlined workflow; preservation of base modifications Precise, real-time identification of bacteria and archaea