Solution in Oncohematology – diagnosis & prognosis

EasyPGX ready: a complete portfolio for rapid diagnosis and prognosis

EasyPGX Ready is the best-in-class RT-PCR diagnostic solution for oncohematology with a fast and simple workflow based on dry and ready-to-use reagent format.

  • One step Real-Time PCR
  • Validated for RNA extracted from whole blood, bone marrow and buffy coat
  • TAT from RNA to result < 80 min
  • Hands on Time < 10 min
  • Same thermal profile for all different RNA kits
  • Qualitative detection and discrimination of principal fusion variants in one single run

EasyPGX Real-Time PCR System

  • RT-PCR instrument with 96 wells peltier block
  • Up to 6 LED optical channels • Integrated touch screen
  • Automatic data analysis and interpretation software
  • System complete of all accessory instrumentation needed for EasyPGX ready workflow
  • CE-IVD

EasyPGX Analysis Software: automatic data analysis solution

EasyPGX Analysis Software is the automatic data analysis software dedicated to the use with EasyPGX ready kits.

  • CE- IVD
  • Complete automated data analysis with a turnaround time < 5 min
  • No cloud or external data analysis solution
  • Totally automatic data analysis interpretation with the possibility to check raw data in one single software
  • Run and sample automatic QC
  • Automatic calculation of molecular response (MR) and International Scale (%IS)
  • LIMS connectivity
  • Data export and report on different common formats