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Diatech Pharmacogenetics presents two products groups for anti-cancer therapy:

Pyrosequencing technology in pharmacogenetics of anti-EGFR therapy

Pyrosequencing technology in pharmacogenetics of chemo and radio therapy

In breaf:

Prior amplification with end-point detection of the human genomic DNA extracted from the cancer tissue (somatic pharmacogenetics) or from the peripheral blood (germinal pharmacogenetics), genotyping of each single mutation is performed by Pyrosequencing tecnology.

Main characteristics of the Diatech Pharmacogenetics kit on Pyrosequencing ID platform:

  • SNPs analysis, insertion and deletion with 99% accuracy.
  • Polymorphism and its neighbourhood sequence detection.
  • Automated genotyping of up to 96 samples in less that 30 minutes.
  • Easy to perform and to interpretate the results.