Flexible, large-scale, direct DNA and
RNA sequencing

Terabases of data

1 - 48 flow cells

Flexible, on-demand sequencing

High-performance compute

Analyse data in real time with 4x NVIDIA A100 GPUs

Up to 14 Tb data*

Population-scale sequencing * Theoretical max output when system is run for 72 hours at 420 bases / second. Outputs may vary according to library type, run conditions, etc.

Why PromethION?

On-demand sequencing

Run up to 48 independently addressable, high-capacity PromethION Flow Cells.

Ultra-high throughput

Generate terabases of data — streamed in real time for immediate analysis.

Powerful compute

Alleviate data analysis bottlenecks.

Population-scale sequencing

Generate sub-$1,000 human genomes.

No capital cost

Pay just for consumables.

Interested in the P2?

PromethION 2 (P2) devices maintain the flexibility associated with the PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 devices, but in a compact, accessible form factor. They are designed for small to medium sized academic and research labs, as well as core labs and commercial service providers, – delivering the benefits of high-coverage nanopore sequencing to users with lower sample processing requirements (i.e. up to four full-length sequencing runs per week / or 200 flow cells per year).

Solving Ohno’s puzzle — resolving an ancient sex
chromosome system

Matthew Brian Couger at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, and coworkers use ultra-long sequencing reads delivered by PromethION to solve a 60-year old puzzle.


Two PromethION models are available for high-throughput sequencing projects: the PromethION 24 (P24) and PromethION 48 (P48), respectively operating up to 24 and 48 flow cells at once. Both systems are deployed with the powerful PromethION A100 tower, utilising 4x NVIDIA A100 GPUs for real-time data handling.

Read length

Nanopores read the length of DNA or RNA presented to them — from short to ultra-long (longest >4 Mb)


Compact benchtop device with compute module

Sequencing module:

  • Size: W 590 mm, H 190 mm, D 430 mm
  • Weight: 28 kg

Compute module:

  • Size: W 178 mm, H 440 mm, D 470 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
Up to 290 Gb per flow cell*

Total device yield as much as:

  • Up to 7 Tb PromethION 24*
  • Up to 14 Tb PromethION 48*
  • Theoretical max output when system is run for 72 hours at 420 bases / second. Outputs may vary according to library type, run conditions, etc.
Suitable applications
  • Larger genomes or projects
  • Population-scale sequencing
  • Highly multiplexed small genomes or targeted regions
  • Whole transcriptomes (direct RNA or cDNA)
On demand

Sequence what you need, when you need it

  • Run flow cells individually or together — no more sample batching
  • Each flow cell has approximately six times the sequencing capacity of a MinION Flow Cell
  • Run multiple DNA or RNA experiments at once
  • Barcode for even more samples
  • Suitable for high-throughput and service labs
  • No capital cost
  • Small footprint — suitable for any lab
  • Easy installation with comprehensive support
High-performance compute

Sequencing and analysis in one powerful device

  • Latest generation CPU
  • 4x NVIDIA A100 GPUs
  • 60 TB SSD data storage
  • 512 GB RAM
  • Preloaded with Ubuntu OS and MinKNOW

Product documentation

PromethION P24/P48 device specs

PromethION 24 Technical Specification

158 KB | PDF Download

PromethION IT Requirements

This checklist represents the minimal requirements for installing the PromethION in your institution.

192 KB | PDF Download

Safety and regulatory information

110.7 KB | PDF Download

PromethION Quick Start Guide

335 KB | PDF Download