Multiplex PCR design software for cancer panels, anti microbial resistance, other and other applications.

Providing completely automated design of multiplex PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) with unprecedented coverage, sensitivity and specificity.

We’ve spent over 20 years
thinking about Multiplex PCR so you don’t have to.

PanelPlex™ has been rigorously validated for the detection of numerous viruses, bacteria and human targets.

PanelPlex™ solves these problems by addressing the following:

  • PanelPlex™ saves several months (6-9 months on average) of iterative experimental trial-and-error optimization.
  • Produces diagnostic quality designs.
  • Automated consensus design of multiple variants of DNA or RNA targets.
  • PanelPlex™ uses ThermoSleuth™ “playlists” to scan for off-target hybridizations that cause false-positive tests.
  • Increase your business by scaling your multiplex PCR assay design process – make more assays, faster time to market, and with higher efficacy.
  • Designs around a wide variety of potential artifacts.

We think about the design cycle.

Common challenges in multiplex panel design include a lengthy and costly design cycle. This can often be the result of both a knowledge gap within the organization along with freeware and suboptimal design tools. We often see researchers relying on outdated, antiquated tools. If assay design is mission critical to your organization, why would you want to use a suboptimal tool?