Consensus Panel Design for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Providing completely automated design of multiplex PCR with unprecedented coverage, sensitivity and specificity.

We’ve spent nearly two decades thinking about Multiplex PCR so you don’t have to.

PanelPlex™-Consensus has been rigorously validated for the detection of thousands of viruses, bacteria and human targets.

It is useful for applications such as: infectious disease variants for bacteria, viruses, human genomic targets, and mRNA profiling. It also provides consensus design for single panels (i.e. detecting all variants of pandemic 2009 influenza A virus or one set of “universal” primers for all 10,000 FluA variants).

PanelPlex™ solves these problems by addressing the following:

  • PanelPlex™-Consensus saves several months (>6 months on average) of iterative experimental trial-and-error optimization.
  • Increase your business by scaling your multiplex PCR assay design process – make more assays, faster time to market, and with higher efficacy.
  • Produces diagnostic quality designs. .
  • Rigorously validated for the detection of over 1000 viruses, bacteria and human targets with wet-lab validated results.
  • Automated consensus design of multiple variants of DNA or RNA targets.
  • Designs around a wide variety of potential artifacts such as: false negatives caused by target secondary structure, undesired primer-primer interactions, false primer-amplicon interactions, false amplicons to background genomes, and low coverage due to sequence variations.
  • PanelPlex™- Consensus uses ThermoBLAST™ “playlists” to scan for off-target hybridizations that cause false-positive tests.
  • Massive data capability — PanelPlex™- Consensus can handle large playlists such as human genome, human RefSeq, human microbiome, bacterial diversity panel, soil microbes, or all known viruses.

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PanelPlex™-Consensus regularly saves organizations 6+ months in work by using inclusivity and exclusivity panels for diagnostic quality assays. See how PanelPlex™-Consensus can benefit your organization.