Oligo Pro II Systems

Oligo Pro II System

The Agilent Oligo Pro II system delivers accurate purity assessments of ssDNA and ssRNA oligonucleotides without the use of dyes. Ensure optimum downstream performance of oligonucleotides up to 60-mer in length with n-1 resolution.

With 12-, 24-, and 96-capillary arrays available along with three 96-well plate sample drawers, the Oligo Pro II system quickly adjusts to meet changing throughput demands. Intuitive and automated operation simplify the measurement of oligonucleotide purity and help you focus on results.


  • Fast separations - Complete 12, 24, or 96 samples in about 1 hour
  • Improve product quality - Monitor synthesis performance to demonstrate purity of ssDNA or ssRNA
  • Wide sizing range - Achieve single base resolution through 60-mers
  • Throughput for all labs - Variable throughput with the option of 12, 24, or 96 capillary arrays
  • Direct detection of oligos - No dye labeling needed, uses UV detection
  • Simplified report generation - Advanced peak integration software and data reporting capabilities
  • Desktop PC supplied with a comprehensive 3-year warranty through HP


Ambient Temperature 20-23 °C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 48.26 cm x 61 cm x 67.31 cm
Line Frequency 47-63 Hz
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Number of Samples per Run 96
Operating Environment Relative Humidity 20-60 %
Power Consumption 150 VA
Sizing Range Up to 60-mer lengths under appropriate sample load bp
Weight 56 kg