Femto Pulse System Software

Femto Pulse Software

The powerful and intuitive Femto Pulse instrument controller software is optimized for acquiring data generated during pulsed-field electrophoresis runs. The multifeatured user interface is easy to use and versatile. It offers validated methods for consistent electrokinetic injections and voltage separations of nucleic acid samples.

The ProSize data analysis software provides digital data for visual analysis of DNA fragments, RNA, high-molecular-weight DNA, and cell-free DNA samples separated with the Agilent Femto Pulse system. It reports size, concentration, and DNA and RNA quality metrics with the genomic quality number (GQN) and the RNA quality number (RQN).


  • Software can be used to analyze data generated by the Femto Pulse system
  • Analyze size and concentration of individual samples and smear ranges for small and large smears
  • Directly compare sizing, peak height, and separation profiles by overlaying data from samples within the same run or different files
  • Evaluate sample quality with the objective GQN, RQN, and DV200 quality metrics
  • Easily export data and images as a CSV file, a PDF, or a project report for further data analysis, with the flexibility to choose all the data or only a subset
  • Ability to set unit labels in pg/µL and pmole/L
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)-enabled
  • Enhanced security features include login privileges and administrator privileges
  • Provides e-mail notifications for run completion and error notifications, while error logs are generated automatically
  • Freely available software allows researchers to evaluate and directly compare samples across laboratories


Data Export Format PDF
Display Resolution 1280 x 1024 or 1280 x 800 pixels
Hard Disk Space Requirements 500 GB
Memory 4 GB
Operating System Windows 10, 64 bit. English (US) language settings
Ports USB
Processor Intel i5 or above
Software Type ProSize Data Analysis Software