TapeStation Instruments

4150 TapeStation System

The 4150 TapeStation system is an economic, low-throughput automated electrophoresis platform for nucleic acid sample quality control. Building on the success of the proven ScreenTape technology, it allows a quick, easy, and reliable analysis of DNA and RNA samples for up to 16 samples per run. This affordable, entry-level system is the ideal solution for the quality control (QC) of RNA and DNA samples in next-generation sequencing (NGS), biobank, or vaccine development workflows.


  • Simplified workflow with the established, ready-to-use ScreenTape technology
  • Nucleic acid analysis with excellent reproducibility for size, concentration, and integrity
  • Wide range of RNA and DNA ScreenTape applications, including assays for genomic and cell-free DNA
  • Easy switching between DNA and RNA ScreenTape assays for excellent application flexibility
  • Full sample scalability from 1 to 16 samples with constant cost-per-sample
  • Minimized time to results with as little as 1 to 2 minutes per sample or less than 20 minutes for 16 samples
  • Reduced sample consumption with as little as 1 to 2 µL of DNA and RNA samples, even for high-sensitivity assays
  • No risk of cross contamination with individual ScreenTape lanes
  • Reliable integrity standards for RNA (RNA integrity number equivalent, RINe), genomic DNA (DNA integrity number, DIN), and cell-free DNA (%cfDNA)
  • Lower bench space requirement in the laboratory with a small instrument footprint
  • Optimized cost of ownership and maximized instrument uptime with the option for self-maintenance tasks
  • Seamless switching to the 4200 TapeStation system, possible by complete assay compatibility


Depth 510 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 254 mm x 510 mm x 417 mm
Height 417 mm
Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Number of Samples per Run Any number between 1-16
Power Consumption 50 VA
Weight 17.8 kg
Width 254 mm

How It Works

ScreenTape technology

The ready-to-use ScreenTape technology provides fully automated nucleic acid analysis. 16 individual, prefilled ScreenTape lanes minimize experimental preparation, offer full sample scalability and flexibility as partially used ScreenTapes devices can be reused. ScreenTape assays cover a wide range of DNA and RNA QC applications and offer reliable integrity analysis with proven quality metrics for a variety of different sample types while keeping sample consumption to a minimum.

Streamlined analysis

The Agilent TapeStation software offers simple and intuitive instrument control and data analysis. The software automates assay selection and automatically determines sample size, quantity, and integrity providing Agilent’s proven sample quality metrics. The Agilent TapeStation software 5.1 now supports dual instrument control using only one computer.


NGS sample quality control with the 4150 TapeStation system

Quality assessment of DNA and RNA samples is an essential part of the next generation sequencing (NGS) workflow to obtain reliable and high-quality data for downstream analysis. The 4150 TapeStation system with the ScreenTape technology offers a broad assay portfolio and known quality metrics – RINe, DIN, and %cfDNA - to analyze sample quality and NGS libraries.

Sample quality control for biobanks with the 4150 TapeStation system

RNA and DNA samples stored in a biobank are used in many downstream applications and must therefore be fit for purpose. The sample quality and integrity of either incoming or long term stored samples is easily and accurately assessed using the 4150 TapeStation system with its objective quality metrics RINe, DIN and %cfDNA.